First sign of spring

I went for a walk this afternoon, through the English Meadow, down to the veggie gardens and back up past the new landscaping being done by apartment 210.  It was sunny when I started, but the sky soon clouded over and the wind picked up, and by the time I got back to my office I was wishing I had worn my flannel-lined jeans. 

I had just about decided that winter was not only still here, but was showing no signs of ever leaving, when I walked past apartment 13.  The photo shows what I saw;  daffodils just starting to sprout and come up out of the soil.  There might be some hyacinths  there as well.   A sure sign that spring is on its way.

I happened to stop off at the office, and what do you know? All the veggie seeds I had sent off for were in my mail box.  Beans and corn and radish and carrots and everything else I am planning on planting and growing this summer.  As I looked through the pile of packets I could almost feel the warm summer sun on my back and smell the wonderful aroma of soil and plants and gardens in the sun.

If I may I’d like to end with a poem;

Daffodils push up

Through cold wet winter soil

Shouting “Spring is Near“.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I saw the rose pruning video that my brother (David) posted on his website. Wow! I wish I’d known how easy it was several years ago. We had a really hideous rose bush in serious need of pruning, but I was always afraid I’d hurt the plant. I hope you keep making videos. Your roses look beautiful!


  2. Posted by Hank Delison on January 11, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    So kind of you to say those nice things. That was the first video David talked me into, and I was very nervous. He is good to work with though and we will be making more rose videos this season. Also some veggi gardening videos.
    Just remember, in the Pacific Northwest roses are rather like blackberry bushes, they will grow no matter what you do to them.


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