Weather musings

I have this brother-in-law, and, as sometimes happens with brothers-in-laws, he has a brother. Who happens to be a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. I mention this because last winter said brother-in-law’s brother predicted the wild winter snow storm we had in December. That would be December of 2008.

This winter he predicted we would have a wet, warm winter. Which, so far has proved true. Except for an untimely bit of snow last month it has indeed been a wet warmish winter.

The whole point of this rambling discourse is that we always have a 2 week spell of mild sunny weather in late winter. Usually the last part of January, or the first part of February. This is the time of year when the fruit trees get trimmed, any lawns can be aerated or thatched, the final shrub bed clean up done and, nearer to Valentines day the roses can be given their yearly spring trim.

And so far this winter I am not seeing any sign of such a spell of nice weather on the horizon. I am going to be very upset if I dont get my “recess from winter” this year. I’m waiting.


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