Pruning and Energy

What are we doing when we prune fruit trees and roses and other shrubs? I could go into a long explanation of pruning techniques of fruit trees, roses and other plants, but I’d rather talk about  energy.

During the growing season the sun shines on the plants leaves, which then use that sunshine along with the air surrounding the leaves, water and nutrients from the soil and creates plant sugars and carbohydrates. The plant then uses these sugars and carbohydrates for growth and reproduction. Or to put it more simply, the sun’s energy moves into the plant which then uses that energy along with the earth’s resources to grow.

What we are doing when we prune that fruit tree or rose or forsythia is manipulating the plant and its energy for our own uses. Flowers in the case of roses and forsythia and fruit in the case of apples and pears. The plant would have produced flowers and fruit without our interference, we are simply ensuring the energy of the plant goes in directions that are more beneficial to our purposes.

We must always be aware, when pruning, that we are working with, in the form of a plant, the energy of the sun and the earth. And we must not waste that energy by pruning at the wrong time of year, or by making inadvisable decisions about what part of the plant to cut off. So go to the bookstore and buy that book on pruning, and read it. Find the local gardening guru and pick their brains. Watch as many videos on pruning as you can find on youtube. (You may even find a really good one on roses.)

You can even drop me a line, ask a question, call for help, or drop by Rose Villa.  I always have time to chat about plants

Walking through the gardens

Squinting against the sun

Grape vines dripping sap

The promise of grapes to come


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