Grey cold dismal sky

Grey cold dismal sky
Can you see the flower buds
Swelling with springs promise?

February is such a tough month. The end of the year holidays are long gone, the excitement of snow days has turned into the dread of one more messy commute to work. The really cold days when sweaters and heavy coats felt so good have turned into days when what you wear in the morning turns out to be too warm for the afternoons. And the rain; hard, soft, drizzle, cold, wet, misty, dripping, on again, off again, will my windshield wiper blades make through to summer?

And just when I was beginning to think that the two weeks of mild dry weather we always get at the end of January would never get here, there it was, and there it went, here and gone and now it’s February. The ground hog in Punxsutawney Penn poked his head up and declared 6 more weeks of winter. Thanks very much you over-fed lazy rodent.

But then I walk down the sidewalk to my office and there by the corner apt is a rhododendron, “Christmas Cheer” by name with big swollen buds that are just starting to break out and bloom.

And the tree peony on the other side of my office is pushing out buds like crazy. Why haven’t I seen it until now? And the roses are pushing out spring growth , which tells me I’d better get my pruning shears sharpened up for the spring trim of the roses; otherwise known as Hanks Valentines day massacre.

And then, as I’m taking these photos I smell it, a Daphne odora starting to bloom. That sweet heavenly smell wafting across the sidewalk and stopping me in my tracks, and then drawing me to it like a bee starved for nectar.

Maybe February isn’t such a tough month after all.


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