Spring in the gardens of Rose Villa

First peas and onions planted
My knees wet and muddy
I race the shower up the hill.
Coffee cup warm in my hand
I am satisfied.

There was one other crazy gardener down in the gardens this afternoon. We chatted about raspberry trimming just before we both took off up the hill ahead of the rain.

According to the Farmers Almanac the last frost for this area will be March 23. And from what I’ve read and been told both peas and onions can be put in the ground several weeks before the last frost. I also know that down in the gardens the plots get good air flow plus the river is only several hundred yards away, so any frost we do get should be brief and mild. Still, I’m taking a chance planting this early, although I have noticed someone else has planted this week as well.

But I just couldn’t wait any longer; I had to get the growing season in gear and rolling. Fortunately, I had worked last fall turning compost and leaves into the raised beds so they were ready to be planted without any tilling or working up. So I can just plant right through the straw mulch that lay on the plots all winter.

I should also mention that with the new greenhouse we built here at Rose Villa last fall I have leeks and broccoli starts already coming up, and planted two kinds of peppers and eggplant this week as well. That’s along with the folks in the Health Center who planted a bunch of pansies and primroses around the patio area last week.

That’s the report from Rose Villa this last week of February.


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