I know I will be wishing for rain come the long hot days of late summer but good grief Charlie brown! Enough already!

I’ve got swiss chard that I planted a month ago, it was 5″ tall and it’s still 5″ tall and looks like it’s been beat with a stick. The corn I planted with all those high hopes early last month, maybe a quarter of the seeds showed up, I am going to have to replant all over again.  Which means the 1st crop of corn will be late for the luau and the 2nd crop may not ripen before the first frost.

 The only crop that is doing well is my slugs. They loved the bean seeds when they came up and then they really thought the bean starts I planted next were super tasty! The used coffee grounds slowed them up a bit, but the rain washed the coffee grounds away too quickly to really help much.  Like wise the Iron Phosphate I tried next, rain washed it away.

 And now the weatherman is saying we have 1″ to 1 1/2″ of rain to look forward to in the next few days. And I have a walking tour of the Villa scheduled for tomorrow, hope everyone brings umbrellas.

 The good news is I managed to get out during a dry spell and speak to the aphids the ants were “farming” on my espaliered fruit trees.  I gave them fair warning and then went and got some neem oil for the aphids in the curled up leaves and some regular ant spray for the bases of the trees and the fence posts the trees are espaliered upon for the ants. I’ve only seen one or two ants since then and they were staggering around with what I suspect was a terminal stomach ache.  The aphids are now in a delightful state of deadness.

The trees said thank you.

Sitting in my office
Waiting for summer
Watching the rain
Oh what a bummer



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  1. Posted by Don on June 5, 2010 at 8:14 am

    Go watch “Singing in the Rain” again. Better yet go to Paris and dance in the street. Come back when summer arrives in our rusty Pacific NorthWest.


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