Long spring days jump into summer

It’s been a long dreary spring
Filled with wet rainy slug filled days
But summer has come as it always does
Not on a gentle breeze with a few
Soft mild days in between,
But with a swift bang of long sunny days
With record high temperatures

Sunburn for sure on my neck and my nose
Reminds me it’s time for my summer straw hat
My Hawaiian print shirts covered with flowers
And my shorts, my shorts where ever they are
Completing the picture my dark sunglasses
Which reside I am sure with my shorts
If I can just find where I left them last year

How can I sleep in this heat?
With too many covers and too many cats
The wide open windows
Bring the neighbor boys jungle beat drums
In to my too old and too tired ears
Restlessly turning and punching my pillow
I hopefully settle back down to sleep

To settle back down to dream
Of the hot summer sun
Beating down on my head
The sweat dripping down my neck
Sticking my shirt to my chest
Dreaming summer time dreams
Till the return of the cool wet days of autumn


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