Kodak moment July 5, 2010

The Townsend’s Mole, Scapanus townsendii was first described and named by John Kirk Townsend, who in 1834 along with renowned naturalist Thomas Nuttall, joined entrepreneur and explorer Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth on his 2nd journey to Oregon from the east.  Two other moles live in the Pacific Northwest, the Pacific mole, Scapanus orarius, and the California mole, Scapanus latimanus (which lives mostly in south central Oregon.)  It is the Townsend’s Mole however that I believe lives just outside my office and under my garden plots down in the gardens.

The leader of the 1834 expedition, Nathaniel Wyeth could not compete in business with Dr. John McLoughlin who was already at Fort Vancouver at this time and Wyeth soon traveled back to the east. Thomas Nuttall stayed here and went on to describe and name the Pacific dogwood tree, Cornus Nuttallii that is outside apt 200.


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