Bring your child to work day

This is a few photos of the “Bring your child to work day” here at Rose Villa.  The kids came down and helped remove some spring veggies and planted peas and broccoli and spinach in their places.

I wish I had more work for them to do, they were really eager to get down and get their hands dirty. 

In the process of all this work we uncovered a ground beetle, a centipede, a little yellow spider and a garden snake.  All of which required stopping the action and everybody getting a good look at the critter.  And the only ones really squimish about the critters were the adults. 

Which says something, I’m not

sure what, about where we get our likes and dislikes.  Even when we opened up the worm bins and fed the worms some “worm chow” there wasn’t any squimishness about touching the worms.  In fact I’m pretty sure some worms went home in some of the kids pockets.

Before I was ready for it, it was time for the kids to leave and time for me to clean up the debris.  Now I wonder where all the spinach got planted?


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  1. It was a great event, and you did a terrific job with those kids! It looked like everybody was having a great time, and I’ll bet they learned something too!


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